New Learning Technologist Andy Bright

TEL Update

We’re delighted to announce that Andy Bright has been appointed as our new Academic Learning Technologist. Many of you will already know Andy as he’s been our TEL Advisor and first point of contact for the team for the past three years. He has done a fabulous job in keeping our service running efficiently and the promotion is well deserved. Please bear with us while we are working to recruit a replacement TEL advisor.

Libby Symonds
Head of Technology Enhanced Learning

Speech bubbles containing question marks

To all Blackboard users – VLE Review

Our VLE will be changing from September 2024 and we would like to start the conversation with users now to gather feedback, which will inform how we move forward with this important platform.

As an initial step we have created a short survey to gather your thoughts on what features and tools you find useful and how you use the VLE in your learning and teaching. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and we would like to gather responses from as many users as possible so please follow this link to complete the survey https://ucw.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/virtual-learning-environment-review-2022

We will also be holding some open workshops for staff to come along to and take part in more detailed discussion. These workshops will be held on June 14th, 17th and 23rd and you can register your interest on the staff development booking system. The workshops will be face to face and facilitated by the TEL Unit and include a range of interactive activities and discussions so please come along and join us if you can.

Libby Symonds

Head of Technology Enhanced Learning Unit

Ally Training for Fix Your Content Day

Each year, the global accessibility community unites on the third Thursday of May for Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) to highlight the need for more inclusive digital content. Blackboard seek to join the conversation by inspiring and motivating institutions across the globe to demonstrate how accessible content is better content.

As part of this initiative Blackboard are hosting a Fix Your Content Day which encourages academics to use Blackboard Ally to help make the content on their Blackboard pages more accessible.

To support this initiative we are hosting an additional Ally and Accessiblity workshop which will give your the tools and know-how you need to participate in Fix Your Content Day and contribute to an overall in improvement of accessibility.

The workshop will tale place on Wednesday, 18th May, the day before Global Accessibility Awareness Day so just in time to support you in fixing your content. You can sign up for the workshop on the staff development booking system and register for the Fix Your Content challenge with Blackboard from this link.


Auto-Captioning in Collaborate

Collaborate Virtual Classroom now offers options for providing captions on recordings, offering far greater accessibility for hearing-impaired students.

How to Create auto-captions

Collaborate is leveraging AI powered speech to text recognition to generate a transcription of what is said during the session. While automated captioning can’t match captions created by humans, it is an easy solution to start with.

The speech to text service and the resulting captions are hosted in the same data center as your Collaborate session.

Use the Auto-generate captions to have captions created for you, as the session owner:

  1. From Collaborate scheduler, select Recordings and find the recording you want.
  2. Select the Recording options menu and select Recording settings.
  3. Select Enable captions, if not already on.
  4. Select Create auto-caption and Save.

It may take time for the auto-captions to generate. You can leave the screen and come back later to view and share them.

Collaborate virtual classroom settings menu

After the captions are created, you’ll see that captions are available from the recording list. The captions will also immediately appear in the recording player for anybody having access to the recording.

Moderators can review the captions. If you want to improve or correct anything in the captions, download the caption file to edit. Upload the new file when you are done.

If you have any queries, please contact the Technology Enahnced Learning Unit at tel@worc.ac.uk