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Blackboard is the University of Worcester’s primary Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Linked to the student records system, all students have access to the modules they are taking. It provides a variety of tools which you can utilise to support your learning and teaching. You can use Blackboard to deliver learning materials, communicate with students via notifications and discussion forums, deliver and assess quizzes, tests, online assignments and much more.

Accessing Blackboard

All University of Worcester staff and students can access via the staff or student portals. Only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers are supported. Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge are not supported.

If you require access to a module on Blackboard that you are teaching on, you can add yourself via the Blackboard Request form on your staff homepage (available when logged in). 

Blackboard integrates the Ally accessibility tool in all course areas to enable staff and students to access teaching materials.

You can also download the free Blackboard app:
For staff on Apple devices or Android devices
For students on Apple devices or Android devices
Online Manual

Blackboard Manual

Access the Blackboard manual to view guidance on how best to use the system.

Mobile Apps

Blackboard Apps

Get the free mobile apps for Blackboard.


The University supports the use of Turnitin for the electronic management of assessment, enabling students to submit work electronically, and for it to be assessed and moderated by staff and examiners. Turnitin can also be used to support students in understanding academic integrity and academic conventions, through formative use. It can also be used more formally for plagiarism detection purposes. Turnitin is embedded within the University’s VLE, Blackboard, and can be used to manage the electronic submission of both formative and summative student work, for online marking and moderation and for providing students with feedback where appropriate.

Roles and Responsibilities

Academic staff are responsible for setting up Turnitin assignments. All Turnitin assignments should be set up in Blackboard on the assessment page, permitting students to submit drafts and final assignments to enable them to check their own work before final submission. Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the University of Worcester Turnitin Policy on the right hand side of the page. The TEL Unit can offer training and support to staff using Turnitin and we welcome requests from course teams wishing to implement this across a whole course for the best student experience.

Online Resources


The TEL Unit has put together an online guide for staff which covers how to set up Turnitin assessments, as well as the end-to-end management of the process.

Play Video

Student Video Guide

You may wish to share this video with your students, which demonstrates how to submit to Turnitin from the Students perspective.

Understanding Originality

Understanding Similarity Reports

Information for tutors on how to interpret originality reports, and the differences between similarity and plagiarism

Contact Tel


If you would like to speak to a member of the TEL Unit about using Turnitin within your own module on Blackboard, please use the form on the contact page or email


Panopto is an easy to use desktop and lecture recording tool and video hosting platform. Panopto allows you to capture from your screen along with video and audio and then make the recording available within Blackboard for your students to view, all in a few simple steps. You can also upload existing video content to share with students.

Most teaching rooms have now been fitted with the hardware and software to deliver lecture capture using Panopto.

Play Video

Video Overview

This video introduces you to Panopto and shows you how to access it via Blackboard.
Online Manual

Panopto Manual

View the guidance on using Panopto for uploading video, student video assessment and live lectures

Online Resources

More Information

Principles for Recording Teaching Sessions


PebblePad is the University’s e-portfolio system and all staff and students have their own account which can be used for recording personal development and continuing professional development activities.

Getting Started

The TEL Unit can provide support and ongoing help to staff who wish to implement PebblePad as part of their course. We can advise on how best to use this resource, provide help in setting up course areas as well as inform potential users on how to successfully integrate the e-portfolio within a module to maximise potential benefits to students.

We are also able to provide guidance and information to members of staff who wish to include an e-portfolio for their students as part of the assessment procedure, and help to integrate e-learning pedagogy into areas which previously may have been paper based. Refining and streamlining workflows for teachers as part of their course development in this way can provide many benefits, and enable new ways to communicate and interact with students, encouraging greater reflection and developmental learning.


For further information on our PebblePad services, or to set up inductions, awareness or training sessions, please email Libby Symonds.

For general advice and support regarding PebblePad, please contact 

Access new feature

Accessing PebblePad

All University of Worcester staff and students can access PebblePad via their staff/student portal. You can also log in via the direct link below.

Mobile Apps

Pebble Pocket App

PebblePad also has a mobile app called Pebble Pocket which is useful for quickly adding reflections, video and images to your PebblePad account.

Online Manual

PebblePad Guide

We have also put together this general guide for using PebblePad to help get your started. It provides basic information on how to complete the most common tasks in the PebblePad System. Each page contains step by step instructions, as well as a video example of each.


PebblePad Checklist

If you would like to implement PebblePad within your course or module, please take a look through the this form and complete as best as possible. It’s a useful starting point in order to facilitate a successful implementation of the PebblePad software and help to provide a positive student experience.


Collaborate is a virtual Classroom which allows tutors to deliver a teaching session from their computer to students logged in remotely from anywhere, at any time.

Features include the ability to present slides, web pages or share your desktop in the presentation area; students can interact by using the text chat, raise hand feature or the tutor can allow students to share their own audio and video with the group.


Access new feature

Accessing Collaborate

As part of the default course template, the Collaborate Virtual Classroom is automatically available for every course within Blackboard, ready for you to use.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Find out how to find your way around Collaborate, and set up your audio and video.

Student Help

Help for Students

Information for students on participating in sessions, presenting and viewing recordings.

Help for instructors

Help for Instructors

Find out how to moderate sessions, and view reports, share content, use the chat tool, manage breakout groups and polls as well as record sessions.


What is Vevox?

Vevox is a student response system, allowing staff to create engaging classes through real time polling and live discussion. Students access Vevox via their smartphones, tablets or laptop, and staff via a web dashboard.

Vevox licenses, covering up to 1500 students per class, are available to all staff and are linked to our Single Sign on authentication so there’s no need to set up a user name and password.

You can download the complete Vevox PowerPoint Add-In from the University Software Centre. It is also pre-installed on all classroom PCs.

Why Vevox?

Vevox is fun, inclusive and effective. The live discussion and Q&A along with real-time polling features help create an engaging learning environment and support active learning practices. With anonymous profiling all students feel happier to get involved in asking and answering questions. This helps you understand knowledge gaps and comprehension but also increase students’ knowledge retention. To learn more about Vevox in Education watch these webinars.

How do I access Vevox?

To get access to Vevox just click on the link on the staff home page under applications. Although you will control Vevox via the web dashboard, you can also install a simple to use PowerPoint Add-in to run your polls direct from PowerPoint.

Getting Help

If you need guidance please contact or alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact the Vevox Team at
Access new feature

Accessing Vevox

To get access to Vevox just click on the link on the staff home page under applications. You can also install a simple to use PowerPoint Add-in to run your polls direct from PowerPoint. ​

Getting Started

Getting Started

See the full instructions in getting started with polling, surveys, quizzes and find out more about the PowerPoint add-in.

Access Videos

Video Guides

Access the Vevox YouTube channel



Weekly live webinars


Camtasia is a software suite, published by TechSmith, which allows tutors to capture on-screen desktop activity and provide a voice over or on screen annotation via the Camtasia screen recorder, or via a plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint. The whole screen, or a portion of the screen can be recorded and audio and other multimedia can be added and integrated into the finished video output.

Once screen recording (or voice over PowerPoint) has been captured, it can then be loaded into the Camtasia editor. This is a Powerful editing tool which enables multimedia authoring using a timeline for managing the clips with many additional enhancements and features available such as call outs, animation, transitions, narration, zoom and pan and background music. Once the edited “Project” file is completed, it can be produced as a video or html file where it can then be shared with students on Blackboard via Panopto.

Accessing Camtasia

The Camtasia software is available on all student PCs and staff can download the software to their PCs from the Software Center while on campus. Staff can also download the software to a home PC from the software SharePoint area provided by IT.

If you encounter any problems with the installation of the software, please contact the IT Helpdesk Telephone Number 01905 857500, or log a call via the customer portal.

It is also important to purchase a USB headset prior to using the software if you do not have a good quality built in microphone. Your ASU should be able to assist with the purchase of a USB headset and we recommend the Logitech brand as a reasonably priced and good quality product.


Download the Software

All University of Worcester staff and students can download Camtasia to their personal computers. Staff members can also download this software to use with University machines from the Software Center.



We run regular Camtasia training sessions which you can sign up to from the Staff Development Workshops page. These detail how to set up your projects, capture and edit video, and produce a final edited version.

Contact Tel

Request Training

Please contact us directly if you would like to arrange a tutorial to help you get started with the software.

Create a video

Camtasia Tutorials

Learn how to record, edit and share a video. This can themn be shared in Blackboard using Panopto.