The University of Worcester has invested in a number of technologies and tools to help support learning and teaching. The TEL Unit can provide access, support and training for each of these systems


The University’s primary Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Providing a variety of tools used to deliver learning materials, communicate with students and deliver assessments and assignments.

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The University supports the use of Turnitin for the electronic management of assessment, enabling students to submit work electronically, and for it to be assessed and moderated by staff and examiners.

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The University’s e-portfolio system, all staff and students have their own account which can be used for recording personal development and continuing professional development activities.

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A virtual Classroom which allows tutors to deliver a teaching session from their computer to students logged in remotely from anywhere and at any time.

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Screen recording software allowing tutors to capture on-screen desktop activity, voice overs and on screen annotation. An effective learning tool that allows interactive lectures and visual demonstrations.

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Staff and students are increasingly using video in learning, teaching and assessment. There is a vast array of different audio and video formats in use today each requiring special software to run.

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