About Our Team

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Unit specialises in enhancing the learning and teaching experience through the use of technology.

Working closely with staff across the university, we assist with the planning implementation and design of a range of approaches to using educational technology.

We provide a range of services, from professional development workshops, to collaborative projects working with staff and students who want to develop digital learning resources or use technology to achieve particular teaching and learning goals. Promoting and supporting the sharing of innovation and good practice, and providing a variety of online resources across the University.

Teal Team Organisation Chart

Our Objectives:

  • Support a range of technologies for learning and teaching, to ensure staff and students have the tools to make the most of blended and flipped pedagogic approaches.
  • Develop and evaluate innovative approaches to digitally enabled teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Offer support and guidance through practical workshops, show and tell events  and online courses to disseminate and embed technology enhanced learning.
  • Support course teams in their design of contemporary, challenging inclusive curricular  and co-curricular activities which use digital resources to enrich learning and which develop digital literacies.
  • Work with colleagues to help them achieve the strategic priorities set out in the Learning and Teaching Strategy and in the evaluation of pedagogic practice related to the use of technology-enhanced teaching and learning.

See our full operating statement for more information.