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With courses now in full flow, it is a good time to for a quick reminder on how to set up a Turnitin submission point. This is just an overview; further information and step by step instructions can be found on our website.

What is the process?

Turnitin submission points are created via the ‘add content’ option on Blackboard. At this point you can add the assignment name, instructions, maximum grade and the relevant dates.

Clicking on the Optional Settings’ will bring up additional tick boxes to customise the assignment to fit with University protocols. If you are unsure what any of the options mean, hover over the question mark icon and an additional text box will pop up to give clarifcation.

screen shot of recommended optional settings

A newer feature that you may wish to use is the grammar checker. By ticking this option an additional report will be generated that allows you to view any grammatical errors in the submission. More information about this feature can be found here.


Before you save your submission point, you may wish to add a Rubric. These are completely optional and provide quick way of adding standardised feedback. Further information about how to import a rubric can be found here.

Ready to go

Your submission point is now ready to go and will appear as a link in Blackboard.

Things to remember

  • Students can resubmit work to the submission point as many times as they like until the due date.
  • After the 3rd upload, there will be a delay of 24 hours until the similarity report is received.
  • Once the due date has passed they will be unable to submit again.
  • Resubmissions, resits and mitigating circumstances will require a new Turnitin submission point.
  • Before you begin grading you will need to hide the Blackboard Grade Center column from students – otherwise they will be able to access their grades as soon as they have been entered. Instructions can be found here
  • Grades and feedback are automatically released to students on the Feedback Release Date and time through Turnitin.

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