Grammar and Spelling Reports on Turnitin

Image of a magnifying glass highlighting the word Grammar in a dictionary

Gud news U can now use the grammer and speling report on Turnitin!

When creating a new submission point in Turnitin you now have the option to turn on additional spelling, grammar and punctuation checks. When activated, they will generate an e-rater® report that can be accessed by students and tutors in the same way as similarity reports.

How can I use this feature?

To enable the feature to be used you will need to check the ETS® e-rater® tick box when creating your submission point. This will generate an additional list of options.

Image showing the tick boxes needing to be selected to enable grammar check

When work is submitted and the report is generated, you will see additional options to view the e-rater® report. The results can be turned on or off from the right-hand panel.

Image showing the button to select for the grammar report

If you have any questions about how to use this feature please email us

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