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Sharing Turnitin Rubrics with Colleagues

If you have used rubrics in Turnitin, you will know that they don\’t work in quite the same way as other files. This is most apparent when trying to access or use a rubric file uploaded by a colleague.

Some things to bear in mind:

  • Rubrics are linked to the user\’s account rather than to the module that they are uploaded to. Therefore, if two tutors have access to a module and one tutor uploads a rubric, the other tutor will not be able to edit the rubric file. To the second tutor it will be displayed as \’Other Instructor\’s Rubric\’.
  • However, all staff with tutor access will be able to access the rubric for marking – once uploaded, the rubric does not need to be re-shared.
  • Once a user has uploaded a rubric, it will forever be linked to their Blackboard account, ready for redeployment.

Staff commonly share rubrics that they have created by emailing the rubric (.rbc) files to colleagues. While this is perfectly acceptable practice, it can be problematic when the owner of the rubric is not available due to sickness, holiday, working commitments etc.

Therefore it is a good idea to set up a shared area where your team can store commonly used rubrics. This could be a folder on the O drive, or a shared folder in OneDrive. Find out how to use shared OneDrive folders.

Please note that it is not possible to open or edit .rbc files using standard applications. This must be done within the Rubric Manager on Turnitin.

More information about using rubrics can be found on our Turnitin Workflow guide.

If you have any questions about the use of rubrics please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning Unit at

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