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Following a pilot last year, the University has partnered with GoodCourse to develop and deliver a range of micro-learning courses for all students. These courses take around 5 minutes to complete are designed to mimic the feel of the social media apps.

What is micro-learning?

Micro-learning, as the name suggests, is learning delivered in tiny segments. Courses are highly-focused, distilling complex ideas into simple concepts. This allows them to be completed in minutes and makes  them very convenient.

In our pilot and other studies it’s proven to be an effective way to share knowledge and embed learning. Courses use a combination of different media, including:

  • Short accessible videos
  • Text and images
  • Audio
  • Pop-quizzes

Watch this video for a 2-minute overview:

How will it be delivered?

A text message is sent to students’ phones, it briefly explains the course and how long it will take then encourages them to tap a link. The link takes students to the GoodCourse platform, which has been optimised for mobile – but also works on tablets, laptops and PCs.

The platforms tracks completion rates and allows reminders to be sent if a course is not completed.  

What MicroLearn courses will run this year?

In 2023/24 we plan to run MicroLearn courses on the following topics:

  • Welcome to Worcester – planning for study
  • Sexual misconduct and consent
  • Planning for an A

We are working on courses for a range of other topics, which we hope will be available later in the academic year.

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