Staff and students are increasingly using video in learning, teaching and assessment.

We are currently exploring a more scaleable solution for the capture, storage and management of video assets across the University but in the meantime the TEL Unit can offer the following support:video-2562034_640

  • Short term loan of camera and tripod for recording events and presentations etc. (subject to availability).
  • For more profession video production we have an experienced cameraman and video producer Gerry Beattie, who can record and produce high quality video for learning and teaching purposes. You can contact Gerry directly by emailing 

There is a vast array of different audio and video formats in use today each requiring special software to run. This causes a lot of problems when viewing the material as there is no way of ensuring the user will be able to access it or how it will look when they do.


There are many online services which can be used to host your video:

  • Uniview – University hosted secure service which allows staff to upload video and share their content via Blackboard.
  • YouTube – Popular but open video sharing service (not to be used with private or sensitive material).
  • Dropbox – Popular cloud storage platform which can host short videos.
  • Vimeo –  A paid video-sharing website in which users can upload, share and view videos.