Panopto is an easy to use desktop and lecture recording tool and video hosting platform. Panopto allows you to capture from your screen along with video and audio and then make the recording available within Blackboard for your students to view, all in a few simple steps. You can also upload existing video content to share with students.

Viewing statistics are available so you can see who has watched your videos.

Panopto has been recently implemented and is now available for all staff to use. The desktop recorder is available in the Software Centre to download and make recordings on your own PC or laptop. Some rooms have been set up as recording studios with the software and hardware set up and ready to use – these can be booked through IT. Most teaching rooms have now been fitted with the hardware and software to deliver lecture capture.

For full instructions on using Panopto, please see our online staff guide.

Read the Principles for Recording Teaching Sessions

For more information about Panopto, visit their website