Camtasia is a software suite, published by TechSmith, which allows tutors to capture on-screen desktop activity and provide a voice over or on screen annotation via the Camtasia screen recorder, or via a plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint. The whole screen, or a portion of the screen can be recorded and audio and other multimedia can be added and integrated into the finished video output.

Once screen recording (or voice over PowerPoint) has been captured, it can then be loaded into the Camtasia editor. This is a Powerful editing tool which enables multimedia authoring using a timeline for managing the clips with many additional enhancements and features available such as call outs, animation, transitions, narration, zoom and pan and background music. Once the edited “Project” file is completed, it can be produced as a video or html file where it can then be shared with students on Blackboard via Uniview.


Accessing Camtasia

The Camtasia software is available on all student PCs and staff can download the software to their PCs from the “Software Center” while on campus. Staff can also download the software to a home PC from the software sharepoint area provided by IT:

If you encounter any problems with the installation of the software, please contact the IT Helpdesk Telephone Number 01905 857500, or log a call via the customer portal.

It is also important to purchase a USB headset prior to using the software if you do not have a good quality built in microphone. Your ASU should be able to assist with the purchase of a USB headset and we recommend the Logitech brand as a reasonably priced and good quality product.


We run regular Camtasia training sessions which you can sign up to from the Staff Development Workshops page. Alternatively, please contact us directly if you would like to arrange a tutorial to help you get started with the software. You can contact us at .

In addition, TechSmith provide some excellent short tutorial videos, ranging from “how to get started” to more advanced features of the software. These can be accessed at