Managing Turnitin Submissions

Turnitin is our most frequently used system for assessment and is where students can submit their text-based assignments, such as, essays, reports, and presentations.

With various assessment deadlines occurring in the coming days and weeks, you may wish to refamiliarise yourself with our guide to Turnitin, and submission points within Blackboard:

Useful points to remember:

  • Students can resubmit work to the submission point as many times as they like, until the due date.
  • After the 3rd upload, there will be a delay of 24 hours until the similarity report is received.
  • Once the due date has passed, students will be unable to resubmit again. However, if they have not made a submission until after the due date, this will appear as a late submission, highlighted in red. (We recommend using ‘allow late submissions’ as a setting.)
  • Resubmissions, resits and mitigating circumstances, will require a new Turnitin submission point to be created.
  • Before you begin grading, you will need to hide the Blackboard ‘Grade Center’ column from students – otherwise they will be able to access their grades as soon as they have been entered. (Instructions can be found in ‘Part 1’ of the Turnitin guide, linked above.)
  • Grades and feedback are automatically released to students on the ‘Feedback Release Date’ and ‘Time’, through Turnitin.
  • You may wish to share relevant student support sources, in the run up to submissions:

If you have any queries, feel free to contact the TEL team at:

Turnitin Again

Turnitin Again

As it is currently peak assessment season, it is worth thinking about how to handle late submissions due to mitigating circumstances.

If you have any students who need to submit outside of the normal timeframe, make sure you create a separate submission point so that they have the opportunity to resubmit after the main deadline has passed.

Getting to grips with the Grade Centre

decorative certificate showing an A+ grade

With many assessments currently underway and marking season in full swing, it is a good chance for a reminder about the recommended process to ensure a positive student experience.

Once the assignment deadline has passed, and prior to beginning to mark the work, you need to ensure that the relevant column is hidden in the Blackboard grade centre. This will prevent students from seeing their grade as soon as it is entered.

How to do this

    Access the Full Grade Centre

    grade centre menu showing highlight on full grade centre option

    Find the column for the assignment and click on the Options button (the round icon with a chevron)

    column menu showing chevron for additional options

    Select the Hide from students on/off toggle

    column menu showing highlight on hide from students toggle

    You can tell when the column is hidden as the grade column will now show an icon with a grey circle with a red line through it

    example of hidden icon

    It is important to leave the original assessment point visible to students throughout the process to ensure that they always have access to their submission. The reasons for this are:

    1. Students are familiar with the submission point in advance, which aids confidence in the submission process.

    2. Enables students to refer to their feedback to inform future assessments.

    3. Avoids panic and confusion on the students’ behalf.

    4. Mitigates any unnecessary support calls and emails to tutors, TEL and the Helpdesk.

    If you are unsure whether your submission point is available to students, you can use the Student Preview option to check.

    Grammar and Spelling Reports on Turnitin

    Image of a magnifying glass highlighting the word Grammar in a dictionary

    Gud news U can now use the grammer and speling report on Turnitin!

    When creating a new submission point in Turnitin you now have the option to turn on additional spelling, grammar and punctuation checks. When activated, they will generate an e-rater® report that can be accessed by students and tutors in the same way as similarity reports.

    How can I use this feature?

    To enable the feature to be used you will need to check the ETS® e-rater® tick box when creating your submission point. This will generate an additional list of options.

    Image showing the tick boxes needing to be selected to enable grammar check

    When work is submitted and the report is generated, you will see additional options to view the e-rater® report. The results can be turned on or off from the right-hand panel.

    Image showing the button to select for the grammar report

    If you have any questions about how to use this feature please email us