Login Issues

First try the steps below:

  • First, ensure that you are using Firefox or Chrome
  • Empty your cache by clearing your history and cookies
  • Try a different browser (Firefox or Chrome)

If none of these steps work then this is likely an issue with your account. You will need to contact the IT helpdesk to resolve this. The telephone number if the IT Helpdesk is 01905 857500.

Missing Modules

It is most likely that you have not registered for the new academic year or have not selected your modules within SOLE. Contact Firstpoint to ensure that the whole enrolment process is complete.

Once you have registered, please note that it will take around 24 hours for your modules to appear on Blackboard.

If enrolment is complete and you are still missing modules, click here.

Missing Content or Assignment

Your tutor is responsible for setting up all content and assignments within Blackboard. If there is no content on the module, or you are unable to locate a resource or assignment submission point, contact your tutor for advice.

Hiding Old Modules

If you want to hide modules that you no longer need, follow the stepts below:

  • Hover your mouse over the heading ‘My Courses’
  • Click on the cog icon that appears. This will open a page detailing all of the modules that you have access to.
  • Locate the module that you no longer require and untick the Course Name, Course ID and Announcements.
  • Repeat for any other modules that you no longer need.
  • Click Submit