The current video hosting platform provided by the university is Uniview. You should use this to host all of your video materials for teaching, and embed these in Blackboard using the Mashup tool. You can also use Box of Broadcasts for hosting television programmes that you have requested for teaching. Although it is possible to upload video directly to Blackboard, unless the viewer has the correct software installed it will not play. It will also not be able to contain any subtitles, so will not be very accessible!

When using video on your course site, you will need to ensure that each one has captions (or subtitles) available. This is easy to switch on if you have added an off air recording – these all have subtitles included already:

Example of subtitles in a video

However, if you are creating your own video content, this is something that you will need to add. If you are unable to add subtitles yourself, you can log a request at the ICT Service Desk and they will be able to turn this feature on.

If you are adding audio files, these too will need to be uploaded to Uniview, and transcripts should be added.