When designing your Blackboard course site, you will probably wish to add lecture notes and other learning materials. However, these must be accessible to all users. This includes using the correct headings and formatting for text, using alt text for images and ensuring that the colour of the text has sufficient contrast with the background. It is also a good idea to save your files with descriptive file names so that it is clear what they contain. 

Using the compatibility checker

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint applications both include a built in inspector tool to check if the document has any accessibility issues. This is available in all versions of these applications from 2013 versions onwards. If you do not have access to an up to date version of Word or PowerPoint, you can request the latest update at the ICT Service Desk. 

If you are using very old documents which were created prior to 2013, and have a .doc or .ppt file extension, these will need to be updated to take advantage of the inspector tool functionality. 

Check a document

To check the document you are working on either in Word or PowerPoint, click on File, and then Check for Issues in the Inspect Document section. From the dropdown choose Check Accessibility:

Click the Check for issues button to access the compatibility checker

This will analyse the document and highlight any problems which you can then fix.

Example of problems found by the checker

See more on using the accessibility checker in the video below: