Making Blackboard courses accessible is an important way to support all users in being able to access content and tools.

Accessibility and Blackboard

The Blackboard system has been developed to comply as much as possible with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. These are a wide range of recommendations that are widely used to ensure content is accessible for a wide range of people with disabilities. These guidelines also form an important part of the government accessibility requirements. Although you are not able to change how Blackboard fundamentally works, it is easy to misuse some of the most common features which can reduce how accessible your course pages are. This site covers the top five features you can include in your site to ensure that you are meeting the required standards. These are:

  1. Including alternative text (alt text) for images
  2. Make sure you are using accessible colours for increasing readability
  3. Structuring your site logically for screen readers and keyboard navigation
  4. Making sure any documents you use are properly structured
  5. Adding captions to video

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You can find out more about Blackboard accessibility here.

Find out more about WCAG design principles here.

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