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Happy new year from the TEL Unit

As we start the new semester the TEL team have been thinking about how we can best support you with your learning and teaching in the coming year.

In the past we have offered a range of workshops which individuals can sigh up to via the staff development booking system – these have included topic such as Blackboard made simple, Collaborate virtual classroom, quizzes and surveys, and accessibility and Ally. We have found however that these workshops are often not heavily subscribed to and often either run with only 2 or 3 participants or cancelled due to lack of engagement.

So this year we thought we would try a different approach and ask what kind of training and support you would like and how you would like that to be delivered.

One model that has worked well has been departmental training where we can come along to a departmental or team meeting and provide a demo or a session on a topic that is relevant to you.

We can also facilitate workshops to support the design of online or highly blended courses and can work with you and your team to develop a storyboard and advise on the best approaches for online delivery of the resources, activities and assessments you have in mind.

If you’re new to the University and would like an induction into the use of our systems we can arrange and one to one session to guide you through the introductory  steps to using technology in your learning and teaching. Alternatively, if you have some ideas about things you would like to do with our systems we’re happy to arrange a consultation to advise you on how to go about turning your ideas into reality.

Please get in touch to let us know your training and support needs and we can arrange tutorials, workshops or departmental briefings to suit your needs.

Contact in the first instance and let us help you make the most of TEL this year.

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