Releasing Turnitin grades in the Grade Centre

The move to Ultra based navigation has seen a number of changes to the way Blackboard looks when the user first logs in. Primarily, this is built around a clearer, cleaner look and feel.

One result of this is that the Grades panel – which replaces the My Grades area in classic Blackboard – is now far more visible to students. Consequently many more students are accessing this area to obtain their grades and feedback.

While Blackboard assignment results have always been released by unhiding the corresponding column in the grade centre, there was no imperative to do so with Turnitin assignments, as students almost always accessed grades and feedback via the submission point. Although this is still the method we would recommend to students, you may now find more students using the Grades panel. This means it is a good idea to release the columns for Turnitin assignments on the feedback release date to prevent confusion and unnecessary queries.

To do this, simply perform the reverse of the method you used to hide the column:

  1. Go to the Grade Centre
  2. Select Full Grade Centre
  3. Locate the column that relates to the assignment in question. Hidden columns will display the icon with the red line below.
  4. Click on the circle/arrow icon to bring up the menu.
  5. Select \’Hide from students on/off\’. When visible, the icon above will no longer appear.

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