Why you should not hide your assessment points from students in Blackboard

We strongly recommend that you always keep your submission points visible to your students. The advantages of this are:

1. Students are familiar with the submission point in advance, which aids confidence in the submission process.

2. Enables students to refer to their feedback to inform future assessments.

3. Avoids panic and confusion on the students’ behalf.

4. Mitigates any unnecessary support calls and emails to tutors, TEL and the Helpdesk.

If you are unsure whether your submission point is available to students, you can use the Student Preview option to check.

The screenshot below is how you would ordinarily see the assessment from a tutor\’s view:


To ensure your students can see the assessment, click on ‘Student Preview’ to view your course from a student\’s perspective:


Now you are in student preview (as indicated by the orange bar) you can clearly see the assessment submission point is visible as a student:


This is the best way to check the visibility of any item in Blackboard to see if it can be accessed by your students. If you would like any further information on this, please contact TEL@worc.ac.uk

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