TEL Me More – Online Courses with Articulate Rise

On Wednesday 16th December, the Technology Enhanced Learning Unit will be hosting our annual ‘TEL’ Me More Seminar. Over the coming days we will provide more information about the topics that will be covered.

The third presentation will cover Articulate Rise, a collaborative authoring tool for creating online courses. The University licence for Articulate is owned by the TEL Unit and, in this presentation, TEL\’s Gerry Beattie and Dr Peter Unwin from the Department of Social Work and the Community will discuss how they used the tool to adapt an in-person day-long course into a more comprehensive online course for social workers wishing to learn about disability.

Mutual Benefits: The Potential of Disabled Foster Carers as Foster Carers

Dr Peter Unwin and Gerry Beattie

Disabled people are largely absent from the fostering workforce and, in partnership with Shaping Our Lives Disability Network and Foster Care Co-operative agency, Dr Peter Unwin was awarded Big Lottery  funding wanting to find out why this is the case.

The research found that disabled people are resilient, have many skills and are well able to empathise and support young people in need. Yet their potential is largely ignored by fostering agencies, despite Fostering Network estimating that there is currently a shortfall of some 8000 foster carers in the UK.

We worked with four pilot sites and several disabled foster carers but still find it challenging to get the wider world interested in what is a cultural change. Making the video with Gerry Beattie is intended as a ‘marketing’ vehicle to help bring about this much-needed change.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can sign up to attend TEL Me More via the Staff Development Workshops pages.

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