Tel Me More – Going Paperless with PebblePad

On Wednesday 16th December, the Technology Enhanced Learning Unit will be hosting our annual ‘TEL’ Me More Seminar. Over the coming days we will provide more information about the topics that will be covered.

The next presentation will come from Lesley Parish of the Institute of Health & Society and TEL\’s own Pete Thornton,  and will explore eliminating physical paperwork using PebblePad Workbooks.

Replacing paper Social Work Practice Documents with online PebblePad Workbooks.

Lesley Parish and Pete Thornton

This presentation will look at how the use of paper documents for recording students’ achievements on placement has now been superseded with an online version, using the PebblePad software. PebblePad enables the student to record their work while on placement with the ability for tutors and other assessors (Practice Educator (PE) and Workplace Supervisor (WPS) to view and sign off their work securely online. Although a PE or WPS can change at relatively short notice, it is a quick, easy and secure process for the student to share their work with a new PE or WPS.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can sign up to attend TEL Me More via the Staff Development Workshops pages.

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