Staff Access to Blackboard Modules

This year we are not automatically enrolling staff – we have been rolling over staff enrolments for many years now and many users have been given access to modules they no longer teach on which can make your My Courses area very cluttered and allow unauthorised access in some cases.

This means that staff, including module leaders, will need to complete the Module Access request form which is available on the logged in staff page for each module they require access to for this year. Module leaders will be emailed to notify them of new enrolments.

This will create a little extra administration for users but this will greatly improve the security and administration in the long term.

As ever, it is a good idea to make yourself known to the module leader before enrolling as they will receive a an email notification to approve your enrolment. Please allow 24 hours for access to be granted.

Full enrolment instructions can be found here. If you have any queries, contact the Technology Enhanced Learning Unit at

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